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Click here to sign up for your volunteer responsibilities.  Remember, you must sign up for at least two jobs per child.  If you have any questions, please let your team mom know.

Jaguars Banquet
November 22nd

11:30am Mighty Mites,Jr. PEEWEE and PEEWEE
3:00pm Jr. Midgets and Midjets

Chico Masonic Family Center
1110 W East Ave, Chico, California 95926
Chico Jaguars are proudly sponsored by the following businesses:
Attention: The white jerseys are only to be worn on away games only. Players are not allowed to wear these away jerseys at school on a Friday or any other day unless it's an away game. The white jerseys are not to keep and are to be returned at the end of the season. If lost or damaged you will be charged $70 the replacement cost. You will have the opportunity to buy the away jersey at the end of the season if you choose to.
Team Practice Schedule
Midgets, Jr. Midgets, Pee Wee & Jr. Pee Wee
Practice Tuesday - Thursday 5:30 to 7:30 pm

Mighty Mites
Practice Tuesday thru Thursday 5:30 to 7:00 pm
Just some tips to make your child(ren) practices successful!

1. Please make sure they drink plenty of water everyday. "The water you drink today is your fuel for tomorrow!"
2. If you're going to eat something give your body time to digest it before practice starts. Nothing greasy or dairy maybe something like a power bar, fruit, pasta etc.
3. Make sure you're not sitting in AC all day and then come right out to practice.
4. The first week of practice you'll only need your cleats, helmet with mouth piece attached and water bottle.  The second week of practice you'll need ALL your equipment ( cleats, helmet with mouth piece, shoulder pads, pants with pads in them).
5. Wear sunblock and then as we progress into the season you'll need bug spray.  Please note that it should be applied before practice starts.
6. Only coaches and board members with orange or white badges are allowed on practice field.  Parents are allowed to watch from designated areas a distance away from players and cheerleaders.
7. If you need to talk to your child(ren) coaches please try and set up a time at the coaches convenience and not at practice  We want the coaches to make all the players their priority.
8. Make sure players and cheerleaders name and phone number is on water bottles or other personal items when coming to practice. At the end of the year we tend to have a big lost and found pile.
9. If temperatures on the field during practice are 100 degrees or higher one of the coaches will sound off a fog horn so all teams know that their players need to take their helmets and shoulder pads off.  The kids will then do drills that have no contact while equipment is off. All of our coaches want to make sure that our players are safe at all times.
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